Summer Spaghetti

If you’re going to make this recipe you really ought to use super ripe tomatoes.  It just wouldn’t be right otherwise!

It really doesn’t matter how many.  Obviously, the more you use the more sauce you’ll get.  I used 7 because that was how many I had on hand from the farmer’s stand and because 7 is my lucky number.  Just kidding about the second part…or am I?

These simple ingredients are all you need!

I’d recommend that if you use anywhere from 5-10 tomatoes you use about:

•2 TBS olive oil.  Use the real stuff here.  Don’t skimp out with cooking spray or something low cal because the flavor is worth it.

•2 garlic cloves

•4-5 basil leaves depending on their size

•as much fresh mozzarella as you want!

1.) The first step is to wash the tomatoes.

2.) Next, create an X on the bottom of  each tomato.

The X will allow the peel to easily come off the tomato.

3.) Bring a pot of water to a boil that is large enough to fit all of the tomatoes and will sit around half way on the tomatoes.  If you can’t fit them all at once you can do multiple batches.  Make sure the X is face up, otherwise the juices will leak out and you don’t want to waste them!

4.) Cover the pot and allow the tomatoes to sweat.

5.) In the meantime, pour the olive oil in a separate pot along with the garlic.  Remember to keep the heat low so your garlic doesn’t burn.  I use a garlic press which is a great tool.

Garlic inside.



6.)  When the tomatoes are ready, they will look like this.

The skins will be peeling and the tomatoes will look wrinkley.

7.) In order to get all the juices from the tomatoes while leaving the skin and seeds behind, I use a food mill.  You can buy them online at around $50-$100.

Set the food mill over your pot with the olive oil and garlic.

And get grindin’!

In the end you will have this:

Leftover yuckies.

And this:

8.) Now is when you add the basil.  Let the sauce simmer on low for about a half hour.

9.) Boil some water and add your pasta.  I use angel hair because it melds with the sauce so beautifully.  I guess you could say, two become one.  But any pasta would work.  I just wouldn’t mess with anything else.

Top with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and salt and pepper.

It is the perfect summer meal.

Try it, I promise you will fall in love.

Tomato Sauce on Foodista


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