Chicks in a blanket.

Jay is a picky eater and has recently started eating chicken.  Problem is, he needs the chicken to be disguised…usually in cheese and bacon.  So when we were going to a friend’s house I had to come up with something that I could bring and he would like.

Chicks in a blanket were born!

The ingredients are simple: Pillsbury bread sticks, cheddar cheese, microwave  bacon and chicken.

The first thing I do is throw the chicken on the grill because it takes the longest.  I use chicken tender pieces because they are small and cook  quickly.

Next I had Jay cut up the bread sticks into 2 pieces.

When the chicken is finished grilling, cut it up into small bite size pieces.

The bacon is so easy to make…you literally put it  in the microwave.  This may seem like an easy way out, and that is because it is.  In my opinion, it cuts out the fat and time.

You can chose to layer your chicks in a blanket any way but I found this method to work best…

Place the bacon first, then piece of chicken, then cheese and roll!

When all of the pieces are rolled, place them seam side down and put in the oven at 350° for 25 minutes or until browned and cheese is melty.

They should look like this!

I served it with ranch dressing to dip in.



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