Clean Eating: Day 13, 14, 15, 16

Day 13:

On Friday I started off with a big bowl of oatmeal!  It has been quite some time since I have had oatmeal and I definitely missed it.
The oats I bought are organic quick oats so all you have to do is add hot water.  It reminded me of oatmeal I used to eat when I was little.  Minus all of the extra ingredients.  I did add a banana, a splash of milk, brown sugar, and some flax seeds.
Because I was off I decided to do a little cooking.  Not only did I make some grilled artichokes, but also homemade hummus!
I do intend to write about both of these recipes so stay posted!
For lunch I snacked on some of the artichokes as well as the hummus with some pretzel crisps that I found at Trader Joe’s.
Later I headed to my Carrie and Ryan’s for dinner.
I brought the artichokes with some fresh veggies, the hummus and some pistachios to snack on before dinner.
We enjoyed homemade pizza and a delicious salad.
And for dessert we had a red white and blue dessert!


Funny that it was flag day!

Day 14:

On Saturday morning Carrie and I headed out for a run called Run or Dye.
But before I started off with some cereal and coffee.


We did a little shopping the night before so I bought some fancy drinking containers.  A new coffee mug and water cup!


The top photo is from last years Color Run and the bottom is from Run or Dye.
When I got back from the run I was pretty hungry so I made a quick snack.
Some hummus, goat cheese, and pretzel crisps.
For lunch I made a big smoothie!


First, I juiced 2 apples, celery, carrots, and half a lemon.  Then I added frozen pineapple and mango, spinach and ginger.
An epic (and not very photogenic) smoothie was born!
I was really in the mood for something Asian inspired so I looked up a few stir fry recipes and came up with this tasty creation.



I sautéed peppers, a mixed veggie bag that had broccoli, carrots and cabbage, green onions, and garlic.  I found a marinade recipe online that I soaked sliced beef in.  In the meantime, I cooked some buckwheat noodles.  Once all the veggies were cooked, I added the beef until cooked, topped the stir fry mix on the noodles and added some fresh cilantro.  Yum!  It was really good and hit the spot.

Day 15:

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all Dads!  We went to my parents house to celebrate.  I slept in and did not have breakfast prior to heading over.  I know, not a good thing to do, but I promise it is not a habit.
At my parents we snacked on cheese and crackers, asiago artichoke dip, homemade bruschetta, and chips and dip.



My Mom then brought out lobster and steak!  I had some lobster and it was delicious.  Because I had to leave for work, I didn’t get to enjoy the entire feast but what I did have was quite tasty!


Day 16:

Today I took the time to make another epic smoothie for breakfast.  I included all of the same ingredients and added a banana.



For work I packed some blackberries, mangos, and pistachio nuts to snack on.



I also packed some of the stir fry, though the photo is not as pretty as the first one.


It is hard to believe that we are already half way through our clean eating challenge!  Thank you for reading and I hope I have been able to give you some ideas of how you can make better choices!

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