Holiday Decorating: Festive Chandelier

Something that you most likely wouldn’t think about when moving into your first home is how much time and money you’d spend on the first holidays!  Because we moved in May, Halloween was the first holiday that we experienced in the house and while I loved making the house look festive, it sure was expensive. 
Now that Christmas is quickly approaching I’ve been  a busy elf making the house feel as cozy as possible.  I’ve looked to good ole Pinterest for a lot of ideas, especially homemade ones!
While I love the inspiration Pinterest gives me, sometimes I am left wondering, “How the heck did they do that?!”  Most food comes with a recipe, but when it comes to decorating, it can sometimes be a mystery. 
I wanted to not only share some of the ideas I’ve done, but also how I’ve done them.  My first creation…
This idea came from these pins, whose blogs I have linked:
      House of Noise                                                              Bower Power
    While the idea seemed simple enough, I did have to brainstorm a bit.
    You will need:
    • Colored ornaments (We purchased a huge container at Walmart for $5 each)
    • Clear fishing wire or string ($1.99 for a TON of wire)
    • Scissors
      Cost = $7.00 with plenty of ornaments and fishing wire for other projects
      Be sure to purchase or use ornaments that have a hook at the top.  Thread the fishing wire or ribbon through each ornament, and tie around the chandelier.  I tied 2 ornaments to each arm.
      You don’t necessarily need clear fishing wire, but I liked how it almost looks like the ornaments are just floating.  If you want to get even fancier, check out Bower Power’s instructions in order to get the bunched look.
      I love how festive the chandelier now looks and I’ve been enjoying it every time I pass by.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive decoration this season, I suggest you try this out! 

      3 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating: Festive Chandelier

      1. . If the surface of the rolled dough cracks, the dough is too dry and needs a dab of applesauce or a few drops of water kneaded in. Roll to a thickness of about 1/4 inch, just as if you were making cut-out cookies.Use cookie cutters or a knife to cut shapes from your rolled dough. With a spatula, carefully transfer the ornaments to a cookie sheet or a flat drying rack. Unused dough scraps can be gathered into a ball and re-rolled to make more ornaments. Use a straw to cut a hole in each ornament for hanging. For a less obvious hanger, insert a u-shaped piece of wire (I carefully cut paper clips in half with wire snips) into the top edge of the dough shape. If necessary, the wire can be secured with a little glue after the ornaments are dry.Ornaments can be dried several hours in a low oven (175° F or the lowest heat setting) or at room temperature for several days. The air flow and warmth of a dehydrator is ideal for this project. Dry the ornaments until they are completely hard. Just as when you dry fruit, the finished ornaments will be somewhat smaller than the dough pieces you started with. If you’re not sure, dry them a little longer, as remaining moisture can lead to little spots of mold or mildew.Hang your ornaments right away, or store them in an airtight container so they retain their scent longer. A drop or two of cinnamon oil will restore the scent to older ornaments.This is fun afternoon project, with or without the kids. These cut-outs will last much longer in the average household than their edible cookie counterparts. I can’t resist leaning in for a whiff each time I pass the ornaments that I’ve hung all over the house! If you love cinnamon too, I hope you’ll give this project a try.

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