Table 31

Dine at Table 31, located in Philadelphia’s Comcast Center, and you’ll experience a unique fusion of traditional Italian food meets contemporary steakhouse.
Whether you sit down for a drink at their trendy bar or stay for a cozy taste of grandma’s kitchen meets upscale swank, Table 31 is where you want to be.
On the night that Jay and I dined at Table 31, we were greeted by an outgoing and knowledgeable server, Justin.  He told us about the restaurant, their menu, and their chef, Chris Scarduzio.  After learning that the grew up cooking alongside his Italian grandparents and had won several awards for his culinary achievements, we knew were in for a treat.
The dining room is dimly lit and romantic enough for couples, yet perfectly classy for a night out with friends or a business client.  No matter who you are with, you will be taken care of.  Especially if you ask for Justin.
We began our meal with a few beverages.  A glass of sauvignon blanc for me and a beer for Jay.  And in true Italian fashion, some San Pellegrino.
After meeting the General Manager, he not only made us feel welcome, but explained that the chef would be sending out some of his signature dishes.  He also explained that the menu had recently changed and there were a wide variety of items to chose from.  You can try something as casual as a salad, sandwich or pizza, or more sophisticated such as a steak or piece of fish.
To start, we had some crusty bread with a sundried tomato dipping oil.  I loved the tanginess of the tomatoes with the richness of the oil.  Definitely could eat that on anything!
While it was mentioned snails being a popular item that is not on the menu, we politely declined.
Of course until we were given our first course.  We saw two pieces of thick, buttery bread.  As we’re digging in, I saw mushrooms and a creamy mushroom sauce. I’m eating the earthy mushrooms, tasting rosemary, fresh herbs.  Something…a little chewy, thick and wait, oh yes, that is a snail.  My first, and probably last.  Not because I didn’t enjoy the flavor.  The sauce was fantastic and I am a huge fan of mushrooms, especially atop great bread.  Just the thought is so hard to get over!
Next, we tried the homemade cavatelli.  Delicate pasta in a garlic, pancetta, and crushed marzano tomato sauce.  The pasta was so light and delicate with each bite we took.  And the sauce, silky and almost soup like, was perfectly balanced with tomato and pancetta.
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we tried sea scallops over a lobster cous cous.  I loved how creamy the cous cous was and the large pieces of lobster were fantastic paired with the scallops.  The worst part about this course?  We were so into the dish that I didn’t even photograph it.  Rest assured, it was memorable and one I would try again.  It was also the first time Jay ever tried lobter or cous cous.
Then came time for the dishes that we ordered.
Jay’s 8 oz NY strip steak with house cut fries and garlic butter.  The steak was very tender and he gobbled the fries up noting that they were crispy, perfectly seasoned and paired well with the steak.  And by the way, this was the first time Jay tasted steak.  Yes, I know.  He said it was the best he ever had.  And then cleared his plate.
I enjoyed one of the specials, cod over the lobster cous cous, topped with an arugula salad.  The cod was tender, flakey and melted right into the cous cous. I enjoyed the fresh salad and the different textures as I was eating.  But really, how could you go wrong with perfectly cooked fresh fish atop lobster?
By the time dessert was even a thought, we were stuffed.  We considered getting a praline and chocolate treat, but alas the last had been taken moments before we asked.  Honestly it was for the best because another bite of food may have left us too stuffed to move
Our experience at Table 31 was one to be remembered.  From tasting snails, having many food “firsts”, to being treated like royalty, one thing is for sure… we will  be back. 

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