Last of Summer.

Fall is officially starting in 10 days!!! And because it is my favorite season, this is exciting news.  So I figured while summer is officially still here, I’d post one last snippet of my garden. 
Hard to believe we actually grew corn Smile
My favorite meals this summer came from our garden.  It was really neat knowing that we planted these tiny plants when we first moved in and by the end of summer we had an overflowing garden!
While eggplant is one of my favorite foods, I never realized how easy it is to cook!  Here I diced it up, and then sautéed it with some olive oil, adding some salt and pepper.  It came out really tender and a bit crunchy on the outside.
Our favorite way to eat potatoes came from a recipe from this lady.  So easy yet so incredibly delicious!!  And the recipe includes Lowry’s seasoning which I am now in love with.
And of course you can’t forget our friendly neighborhood cat, who hung out in our garden (literally) all summer long.
One last exciting gift from our garden is that it grew baby pumpkins!!!  I was really hoping they’d turn out and they did Smile Now I’m all set for fall.  It was a lot of work and took up a ton of space in our tiny backyard, but it was definitely fun to do.  Will we do it again next year?  Check back with me in a few more seasons once I’m done obsessing over anything that smells like cinnamon and spice 🙂

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