Spring into Seasons.

March 20th marks the start of a very special time. For most it means the start of spring, for some it is free water ice day at Rita’s.  But for me…it means the start of Seasons 52 Spring menu! 
I was lucky enough to be invited to try the new menu, along with a guest, my mom Smile 
When we arrived we were brought to an area where the cocktail hour was being held.  The room was set up with tables where we were able to try a new champagne cocktail and a few appetizers.  Guests wanting to plan an event at Seasons 52 can also reserve the room!
Strawberry Kir Royal:
The appetizers we enjoyed were:
Ripe Plum Tomato Flatbread with fresh basil, roasted garlic and melted Parmesan cheese.


Artichoke & Goat Cheese Flatbread with leaf spinach, balsamic onion, and roasted peppers.010
Artichoke-Stuffed Artichoke Leaves with organic arugula, Parmesan cheese and balsamic glaze.
My favorite was definitely the artichoke-stuffed artichoke leaves!! I am a huge fan of artichokes and I love the idea of stuffing the leaves with the hearts!  And the balsamic glaze is so delicious.  My Mom said her favorite was the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread.  She claimed she could eat the whole flatbread for dinner.  But how could you with so many other tasty things to try?!
After the cocktail hour we were escorted into the next room, where 2 beautifully arranged tables were set up. 



Before dinner began we participated in a Webinar with Cliff Pleau, Senior Culinary Director and Master Sommelier George Miliotes.  As they discussed the different menu items we would try and the inspiration behind them, we were also given the opportunity to tweet questions. 
After trying the Ripe Plum Tomato Flatbread, my Mom said she tasted a different spice. 
I asked: Are there any spices in the ripe plum tomato flatbread? I thought I tasted nutmeg. #S52Spring 
My question was one that was actually answered!! Which was really fun.  Cliff said yes, there was a unique spice…lavender!  So much fun that she picked up on something aromatic.
First up, Tomato & Hass Avocado Salad with organic arugula, balsamic glaze and grilled bruschetta.
Wine: Aveleda Vinho Verde, Portugal ‘10/’11.



Columbia River Steelhead Trout with spring vegetables,  basmati rice and lemongrass sauce.
Wine: Botani Moscatel, Sierras de Malaga ‘10.


Spicy snow peas & Shitake mushrooms with roasted almonds.


Grilled Lamb T-Bone Chops with asparagus, truffle mashed potatoes and red wine glaze.
Wine: Allegrini Palazzo della Torre Corvina Veronese ‘08/’09.


For dessert…
Mini indulgences!



My favorite dish was the trout!  I loved all the veggies that it came over and the fresh flavors.  I also loved all of the different textures between the vegetables, rice and tender fish.
I’ve had several mini indulgences and I never though to try the key lime, but after George Miliotes said it was his favorite, I had to try it!  I think it may now be my new favorite


Seasons 52 has rolled out another fantastic menu this seasons and I suggest trying it out while sitting on one of their beautiful outdoor patios!  Good, fresh, food, beautiful ambiance and excellent service…what you can expect and love this spring at Seasons!

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