Chik-fil-A… Giveaway!

Happy Friday!!!
I hope you’re enjoying the last leg of your week and have fun plans for the weekend.  What better way to celebrate than a giveaway!?!
If you haven’t heard yet…

“Chick-fil-A is offering a new Kid’s Meal, which is anticipated to be one of the most nutritious in the country, featuring Grilled Nuggets as an entrée. Compared to an “average” hamburger kid’s meal offered at fast food restaurants, the new Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meal (grilled nuggets [4-count], fruit cup and low fat milk) contains almost 60 percent less calories and an estimated 85 percent less fat. The chain also is enhancing its side choices by adding Buddy Fruits® Pure Blended Fruit To Go applesauce.”kidsmeal_1000x800_FrtCupCombo

Want the facts?
  • Introduction of Grilled Nuggets
    • 4-count nuggets (80 calories, 1g fat ); 6-count nuggets (110 calories, 1.5g fat)
    • 100 percent all-breast meat chicken (not pre-formed meat)
  • Addition of all natural Buddy Fruits® Pure Blended Fruit To Go applesauce
    • 60 calories, 0 grams of fat and equals one serving of fruit
    • Gluten free and contains 100 percent pure fruit
    • Complements the fruit cup, which has been on the menu since 2004 (Chick-fil-A was the first quick-service restaurant to offer a fruit cup)
    • Healthier choice available to kids at no extra cost
  • Improved beverage options
    • The chain is changing its children’s beverage line to only feature one percent milk, 100 percent apple juice, its signature freshly squeezed lemonade, and water as drink choices.
  • Nutritious Kid’s Meal combination
    • The Grilled Nuggets (4-count), Fruit Cup and one-percent milk Kid’s Meal option contains only 210 calories and 3 grams of fat – reflecting an 86 percent cut in fat grams and a 56 percent calorie reduction compared to its previous offerings
  • Additional offerings for gluten intolerant kids
    • Grilled Nuggets – a gluten-free entrée option
    • o Fruit Cup and Buddy Fruits® applesauce – two gluten-free side item options
CFA_kidsMeal_Section1-HII don’t know about you, but any kind of healthier choice that we can offer little ones (especially at a fast food restaurant)  is a big win!  Especially because I ❤ Chik-fil-A’s grilled chicken so much!  CFA_kidsMeal_Section2-HI

So thanks to the lovely folks at Chik-fil-A, I’d love to give away 5 vouchers for a kids meal!! All you have to do is leave a comment saying what YOUR favorite meal at Chik-fil-A is!!  I will pick 5 winners by Friday, February 17th.  Be sure to leave your email address when you comment so I can let you know if you’re a winner!!

Have a great weekend!

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