Seasons 52.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could go out to eat to a restaurant that served delicious, fresh food, with nothing over 475 calories?  Well folks, your dream is about to come true!
If you haven’t dined at Seasons 52, I highly suggest it.  While their locations aren’t widespread yet, if there is one near your home and you haven’t visited…what are you waiting for!?014
As you can guess, their menu is seasonal.  So four times a year, their menu changes.  And then each week, another special menu is available. 
I have dined at Seasons 52 during all seasons and I would have to say that my favorite Seasons season is summer.  But don’t get me wrong, you can find something delicious any time of year.
When I recently dined, they were featuring their fall menu.  


One of the items they are known for is their delicious flatbreads.  We tried a spicy pork flatbread.


My favorite thing about their flatbread is that it is served on a long board…you eat with your eyes first after all! 
Next, I had a tomato salad.


The presentation was so beautiful!  It was topped with balsamic glaze, basil and a creamy cheese.


Some friends had this chili relleno that was too beautiful not to share!


For my entrée I had caramelized sea scallops with pearl pasta and a mixed variety of seasonal squash!  It actually comes with asparagus but I asked for a veggie substitution, which I felt was more fall-like anyway!  This was definitely the highlight of my meal!  The scallops were done perfectly and I loved the variety of squash that was used.
Seasons 52 is also known for their cute, decadent mini indulgences!


They are brought out and shown to you using a little flashlight.  How could you say no!?
I had the delicious pecan pie!


So the next time you’re debating where you should dine and there’s a Seasons 52 close to home…the decision will already be made for you.  The atmosphere is beautiful, the food is top notch and the service is excellent.  And if there isn’t one near you…well you might want to start planning your next vacation according to where one is Winking smile

9 thoughts on “Seasons 52.

  1. Love, Love, Love this restaurantI love how they pride themselves on fresh, HEALTHY food. Everything on the menu is under 500 calories, and they have a fresh new menu every week of the year (hence the seasons 52)Sat at the bar, since this place was packed for lunch. There is a piano at the bar which I’ve learned they have a piano player nightly at 6pm, who takes requests which I think is awesome. Really want to return for that. I tried the strawberry coconut martini (which is as girly as I get when it comes to drinks) and it was good. I think it was a $10 martini but it’s cool because they give you enough for a refill, so it’s really like two $5 martinis. Good deal.I like Seasons 52. It’s one of those places that I want to try everything on the menu because it all looks good.

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