Il Pittore.

When I heard that Stephen Starr would be opening yet another new restaurant, Il Pittore, I just had to try it out.  It was also Jay’s birthday celebration, so there was a perfect excuse to splurge. 
The restaurant is located in Rittenhouse Square and reflects the décor of an Italian countryside.  Chef Chris Painter, which translates to pittore, drew inspiration for the menu from different regions of Italy.  289
Dark wood and dim lights create a romantic atmosphere as you walk into the restaurant.  Several communal tables are set throughout the restaurant, where diners can share an Italian meal with a twist.  The main restaurant is on the second floor, and an herb garden sits on the roof, which fresh herbs are used in recipes daily.


Jay and I sat at a cozy table for two, where we had a good view of the dining room.  Our server was friendly and informative. 


While we were deciding on what to order he brought us some tasty bread.  I loved that there were several varieties.


To start, we shared:

Ravioli di Ricotta.
swiss chard and ricotta filled ravioli with
chanterelle mushrooms and truffle butter


The pasta is homemade so the ravioli were light and fluffy.  I loved how the truffle butter and mushrooms melted into the ravioli and created a perfect creamy, savory flavor.
As an entrée I had:

Black Bass “Gamberetto”.
rock shrimp, creamed spinach and


This was actually the first time I tried black bass but I really enjoyed it.  I loved that the outside was crisp but still tender. 
Jay had:

Pollo al Mattone.

brick-roasted half chicken, brushed with
mustard and rosemary bread crumbs


Of course I had a few bites!  I loved the mustard that was used on the outside of the chicken because not only did it add extra flavor, but it helped the crispy bread crumbs stick!
And it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration unless there was dessert!


We ordered several kinds of gelati: vanilla, chocolate with chips and cinnamon.  I think my favorite was the cinnamon.  They really made it fun and special by writing Happy Birthday in chocolate and giving us a few biscotti to dip into the gelati.  It is the little things after all Smile
To make the birthday celebration even more special, the manager came over with an affogato, an Italian dessert. 


There was gelato and cream in the martini glass, and then he poured hot espresso over it.  Served with a spoon and uniquely delicious! 
Our experience was so great that we’re talking about returning soon.  Although I wouldn’t expect anything else from Stephen Starr!  I highly suggest trying Il Pittore, where a perfect imagine and taste of Italy will be painted on your taste buds!

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