My two cents before Thanksgiving.

1.) Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving day dish?  Mine is sweet potatoes and here are some amazing recipes!
2.) Are you worried about consuming enough veggies this year? Try these squash rolls and you can have your carbs and eat veggies too!
3.) If you’re stuck on Thanksgiving appetizer recipes, here are a few to get you started!
4.) Looking for a unique side?  Why not try this butternut squash gratin!
5.) Are you still stumped on how you will cook your turkey!  No need to worry, here are some great ideas!
6.) If you need multiple Thanksgiving veggie ideas here is a consolidated list!
7.) Make this great dessert idea if you want to wow your guests and make the kids happy!
8.) Have you created the perfect décor for the big day? Check out these simple and fabulous linen napkins.
9.) Here are some beautiful tablescape ideas if you have yet to decide on how you will decorate!
10.) Lastly, enjoy this cute Thanksgiving video! 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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