Two Cents, It’s What I got.

1.) If you want to make pumpkin pie with a twist for Thanksgiving this year, be sure to try making pumpkin pie in a jar!
2.) Sweet potatoes can be a great, healthy choice for the holidays.  But the toppings can sometimes add a lot of extra fat. Try one of these healthy versions for a real treat!
3.) This may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Check this link out for a fun Christmas-y project/recipe!
4.) Looking to sneak some veggies in you mac and cheese? This recipe will be sure to have anyone fooled!
5.) Or try this tasty veggie calzone!
6.) Does rosemary remind you of the holidays?  Then you’ll love this comforting mac and cheese recipe that uses rosemary!
7.) For a different twist on chicken and waffles, check out this recipe.
8.) In case you have some extra candied yams this time of year, I suggest this sweet treat!
9.) Tired of traditional breakfast?  Try this savory breakfast pizza!
10.) Not only are these grilled cheese croutons adorable but they are also going to add so much flavor to your soup!

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