British Chip Shop

If you’re in need of something different this fall, look no further than the British Chip Shop, located in Haddonfield, NJ.
A variety of traditional British foods are served for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.033
Whether you have visited England or not, you will be impressed with the warm atmosphere and wide variety of homemade treats.
When I visited the British Chip Shop it was during lunch, although the menu is the same during lunch and dinner.  If you visit of course you’ll need to try some British chips, which are actually french fries.  During my visit we tried curried cheese chips, crispy fries covered in mozzarella cheese and curry.
This unusual dish is very flavorful and definitely worth trying!  Unless of course you aren’t a curry fan.  In that case, I have heard that the bacon crisps (potato chips) are phenomenal.
I also tried the butternut squash soup, which was thick and hearty.  The flavor was savory and the pumpkin seeds on top gave it some great texture and crunch.
There were so many unusual things to try that it was difficult to decide which dish to try.  I wound up having Ploughman’s lunch, a board of tavern ham, Irish cheddar, house pickle, grain mustard, Branston pickle, dressed greens and bread.
I’m a sucker for anything on a board.  Maybe it is the aesthetic appeal of the different colors of the food ingredients against the rustic board.  Or maybe it is because usually when food comes on a board it means that you get to put it together yourself.


Whatever the reason, my lunch on a board was quite tasty and unique.  I loved making tiny ham and cheese sandwiches, some with pickles, some with mustard and some bites just ingredients by themselves.
My friend Nichole had Chip Shop Salad, roast chicken, Irish cheddar, walnuts Granny Smith apples, greens. 


For dessert I enjoyed simple vanilla ice cream with a flake bar, which is like an airy chocolate bar.
Nichole enjoyed a pumpkin pastry.  All of the pastries and baked good are made on the premises.
And most importantly, I enjoyed some English Breakfast tea!  It wouldn’t be British if I didn’t have tea, now would it!?
Our experience was great and having visited England, I can say that the restaurant is pretty darn close to the real thing. 
Next time you’re looking for that something different, check out the British Chip Shop.  It is a fun environment with great food and friendly service.  And let’s face it, a visit to the restaurant is a heck of a lot cheaper than catching a flight!

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