Hey, it’s Two Cent Tuesday!

Hey folks.  Here is what tickled my fancy this week!
1.) Are you ever craving a dish with bacon?  Oh wait, you are every day?!  Well here’s 10 recipes to try.
2.) Need some pumpkin carving tips?  Try these for the best smiling pumpkin this season.
3.) Looking to try something unique for breakfast?  Try one of the 50 best breakfasts from around the world.
4.) And if you think bagels are the best breakfast, try making some homemade!
5.) Craving a juicy, delicious burger?  Check out this recipe!  And while you’re at it browse the new and beautiful blog!
6.) Try this ultimate comfort food, loaded mashed potatoes!
7.) Check out this blogger’s amazing and inspirational story about weight loss, life and being happy.
8.) Okay, so maybe this isn’t food related but you have to see this unique humble abode!
9.) For a unique fall recipe check out this pumpkin mac and cheese!
10.) Nothing warms you up on a cool afternoon like a delicious panini! This recipe is especially tasty.

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