Two Cent Tuesday links.

1.) Are you a fan of brie?  Try this sweet, savory and spicy recipe for your next party!
2.) Try these festive cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting mmm!
3.) Or if you’re looking for something a little spooky (with a kick!) try these Mountain Dew cupcakes.
4.) While we’re on the subject of cupcakes… have you tried candy corn cupcakes?
5.) These pita wraps look so healthy and beautiful, made with fresh, simple ingredients.
6.) Have you even wanted to make a sandwich into a dip?  Try this tasty recipe!!
7.) Love mac and cheese but feel guilty eating it? You won’t when you try this broccoli-basil mac and cheese.
8.) Pumpkin anything is good but a pumpkin donut sounds divine!  Try Tina’s creative and tasty recipe.
9.) Do you wish you could have breakfast foods all day?  Now you can with these cinnamon french toast cookies!
10.) Have you ever used naan to make pizza?  It is simple and delicious.

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