Some links for free, for TCT!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I promise I will update you on what has been going on this week. Smile

1.) Love licking cake batter off of the spatula when baking a cake?  Try Snappy Gourmet’s cake batter truffles!

2.) Do pumpkin treats make your mouth water?  Try this double decker caramel pumpkin pie!

3.) Who doesn’t love a nice, warm chicken pot pie as the weather gets a little chilly?  But have you ever tried chicken parmesan pot pie!?

4.) Risotto is so delicious in any form but arugula risotto is taking to another level!

5.) Nothing says comfort in the fall like pumpkin soup.  How does pumpkin rosemary soup with bacon and parmesan sound?

6.) Looking for something fun to make at your Halloween party this month?  Try this cute M&M bark!

7.) Isn’t apple cider the tastiest drink… well, any time of year?  What about apple cider cookies?!

8.) Food Network came out with a list of the best pizza places in the country!  Is there one near you?

9.) Nothing says good morning like tasty, cheesy, bacon-y potatoes!

10.) Want something to please your man?  What about man-approved spicy oven fries?!


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