TCT on the go, here are some links you should know!

I’m still traveling and still sharing Smile I hope you enjoy!
1.) Are you still buying garlic bread in the frozen section of the grocery store?  Why not try making it yourself?
2.) What is more comforting than a toasty bagel on a fall morning?  Try a gingerbread bagel!
3.) Did you think that french fries just had to be greasy and filled with guilt?  Now you can have your fries and eat them too with this healthier version.
4.) While you’re at it, try this oven fried onion rings!
5.) Want to make a meal for your hubby or boyfriend but can’t because groceries seem so darn expensive these days?  Try a romantic meal for $10 or less.
6.) Have you ever felt like you loved soda so much that you wish you could eat  it instead of  drink it?  That’s right, these are coca cola cupcakes!
7.) Eggplant is one of my favorite foods.  And eggplant parm? Forget about it.  But the fat content is often so high.  Try this version for a slimed down version.
8.) Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! Check out these fun decorating tips for a twist on your normal fall décor.
9.) Looking for a fun city to visit?  Check out this site where you can click on a city and see what it is rated on the fun scale.
10.) I don’t know about you, but cupcake art is simply fun to just glance at.

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