Two Cent Tuesday

Tasty Links.

How was your Labor Day?  Did you rest up and eat delicious food?  Either way, I bet you are hungry.  Here are some tasty Two Cent Tuesday links!
1.) Is it getting a little chilly where you are?  Try these stuffed jalapenos to warm up!
2.) Have you ever wished you could stay somewhere cozy, that felt like home while traveling?  What about renting an apartment or condo for a day or two?!
3.) In case you were thinking about taking out the crockpot already, here is a delicious and healthy recipe.
4.) Want to prank your friends and family in a fun and tasty way?  Try this recipe for a burger and fries.
5.) I don’t know about you but I’m loving the “in a jar” trend. Have you seen pies in a jar?
6.) Tipping is a controversial topic among people all over the world.  Do you agree with these standards?
7.) Are you thinking about pumpkin dishes already? Try this recipe with a crunch!
8.) Sometimes it is hard to know or remember how long a food is good for before is spoils.  Now you have a guide to follow!
9.) Nothing says comfort food like grilled cheese and tomato soup!
10.) Here is a list of healthy food under a dollar! Yes, it is true!

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