Farm Fresh Friday

Farm Fresh Farewell

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the last Farm Fresh Friday of the summer!  I debated continuing my fresh food posts into  September considering summer isn’t technically over until then but I decided it just made the most sense to end it today, on the last Friday of the month.  Besides, everyone is starting to have fall (<3) on the brain anyway.
If you haven’t read my Farm Fresh Friday posts this summer here is a chance to catch up:
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Reading Terminal Market, established in 1893, is not only a historical site, but a tasty one.  It is a farmers market unlike any other I have ever been to.  Within the indoor market area you will find a wide variety of goods from meat, fish, bakery goods and homemade soaps to homemade canned goods and crafts.
Inside of the open air market are over 80 merchants who bring in more than 100,000 customers each week, both tourists and locals alike.
When you walk into the market you feel cozy and at home, no matter what time of the year it is.  Glorious smells surround you and every corner you turn is another unique shop.


Whether you want a great deli sandwich or a soft, bakery cookie, Reading Terminal Market has it.  And if you want something more unique such as sushi, vegetarian dishes, Cajun food, middle eastern food or Thai food, they have it.



And speaking of Farm Fresh Friday, there is  plenty of fresh produce to be found at the market at well.070
The Reading Terminal Market is such a fun and interesting place!  You could really spend a whole afternoon just wandering around, tasting and exploring what each vendor has to offer.  And trust me, I have done this.
I couldn’t think of a better way to end Farm Fresh Friday and it was the perfect way to go out with a bang, at the best farmers market I know of.  If you’re a local reader I hope I’ve inspired you to check out some of the great markets I’ve visited.  Or maybe you’ve been motivated to see what you’re local markets have where you live.  Either way, I appreciate you reading my weekly farm posts and obsessive produce photos.
Most importantly, I wanted to spread the word about eating local and eating fresh.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing! 

4 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Farewell

  1. I need to take advantage of this more often, it is so easy to take the train there! One of my husband’s friends who used to live in Philly and now in NC still visits his butcher there, gets as much meat as he can, and then freezes it! I see a few weekend trips in the fall 🙂

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