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Reimagining an old classic

Welcome Valerie Gravel,  a blogger for Cutting Boards USA.  Cutting Boards USA specializes in crafting high quality wood cutting boards.  (That are really cute!) They offer a wide range of products from butcher blocks to bread cutting boards and novelty shaped ones. Visit Cutting Boards USA today! 
Reimagining an old classic:

Simple new twists for the traditional grilled cheese sandwich

Growing up, I was a picky eater. I didn’t eat a whole variety of foods like I do today. One of my favorite food as a kid was the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Two slices of bread with cheese in between roasted in a skillet that was enough to make me happy. Now that I’m an adult, I still love the golden brown cheesy sandwich, but I wonder if that are ways of reimaging this classic in a more sophisticated, grown up way?
Bruschetta style grilled cheese sandwich:
I love balsamic vinegar, and this sandwich uses it as a seasoning, which I think is wonderful! All you need to put this sandwich together, besides the bread and cheese, is some tomato slices and basil leaves. Just put the tomatoes and herbs with the cheese and drizzle some balsamic vinegar over the bread. Brown to a crisp, cut into slices on your cutting board, and you’re done.
Apple and cheese sandwich:
I tried this once at home and I thought it made a lovely breakfast sandwich. Before I added the apples to the sandwich, I cooked them slightly in a frying pan, just to warm them up a little and I sprinkled some cinnamon on them to give them a little extra flavor. All that was left to do was add them to the sandwich and grill everything up. It’s a nice alternative to an egg and meat breakfast sandwich and it’s quite tasty too.
Adding a little piggy to cheese:
I love bacon, but I never think of using it for any recipes, because, to put it simply…I hate cooking it. The grease just splatters all over me and it’s a pain to clean the pan and the stove when everything is finally cooked. Fortunately for me, now, some bacon is pre cooked when it’s packaged, all that’s left to do is warm it in the microwave. When the bacon is just a little warm and not too crispy, adding it to a grilled cheese sandwich must simply be divine and it’s something I will have to try.


In the end, overhauling a grilled cheese sandwich is a pretty easy thing to do. All you need to do is look in grocery store for condiments or types of meat you could add to change the flavor of your sandwich. You can also change things up by replacing the traditional cheddar for finer cheeses like Brie or Gouda. Bottom line, be creative and create a recipe that will be unique to you and that will please your family for many years to come.

Thank you Valerie for taking the time to write a post and sharing your creative ideas  and simple sandwich twists!

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2 thoughts on “Reimagining an old classic

  1. I had a grilled cheese at Carney’s in Stone Harbor – Sourdough bread, cheddar & brie cheese, and lobster tail meat. Served with tomato basil soup. It was so good I wanted to slap the cook in the face.

    1. Haha sounds great Dan! I’ve never heard of that place, I’ll have to check it out. I love brie cheese so much and with lobster?! I can only imagine. I’ll slap the cook for you.

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