Two Cent Tuesday

Got some things to see for TCT.

1.)  Here’s a list of cupcakes Ming has made.  There are 33 and my favorite is #22! What is yours?
2.) Have you ever been cooking and realized that you don’t have a specific ingredient?  Here is a great list of substitutions!
3.) What’s better than a recipe that involves Oreos?  One that involves no baking!  Yes, it is true and it is here.
4.) This may be one of the most fun  food photography images ever!  I love seeing how creative others are.
5.) If the words “coconut-lime peanut sauce” make your mouth water you might want to check this recipe out!
6.) Of course pancakes are delicious, but cinnamon roll pancakes?! Off the yum-o-meter.
7.) Do you have the proper picnic gear?  You might want to check out this site and buy some of the cutest and organized picnic supplies!
8.) A great soft pretzel is hard to come by.  Jay has been wanting to make these for quite some time and we really need to make them soon!
9.) Do you do any of these “healthy”  habits?  Double  check because they may not be good habits to continue.
10.) Are you a college student on a tight budget?  Or simply looking for some inexpensive meals? Check out these great recipes!
Love you all, have a great day Smile

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