Two Cent Tuesday

Fun for you and me… it’s TCT!

Are you ready for this  week’s Two Cent Tuesday?  Let’s go!
1.) If you’re anything like me, you’re curious about making things from scratch.  Like…mozzarella!? Seems easy enough!
2.) Check out this recipe and a lesson on how to fill a cupcake. Fill it with what, you may ask.  Fill it with amazingness.
3.) I have seen and made a rainbow cake, but I have never seen a ZEBRA cake! What a work of beauty.
4.) Do you think you can create the best  cocktail out there using UV Vodka? Why not enter your recipe for a chance to be crowned “Spirits Summer Cocktail 2011 and win a $300 Beach Cruiser!
5.) This simple heirloom tomato panini sounds perfect for lunch!
6.) How many pickled peppers… would you eat if you could make your own!?
7.) My favorite childhood cereal was cinnamon toast crunch. And in this recipe my favorite cereal and dessert collide and create a fantastic creation.
8.) Did you know it is Goya’s 75th Birthday? Check out their birthday page and you could win 75,000! If anyone is interested I have 2 Goya recipe collection sets.  Just leave a comment and I will email you to send it out.
9.) I am so in love with all of these recipes I had to share a few!  Chicken Parm Garlic Bread Burgers, Homemade Baked Tater Tots and Chocolate Truffle S’mores Tarts!
10.) Turn Up the Heat with St. Francis Winery & Vineyards!  Enter your best grill recipe along with a photo and wine pairing and you could be off to California for an all expense paid trip!  I know I’ll be entering!
I’m off to vacation in Punta Cana tomorrow! But don’t worry because I have some posts for you to check out while I’m gone! Have a great week Smile

3 thoughts on “Fun for you and me… it’s TCT!

  1. I love making things from scratch, especially more challenging things. I’ve mad cereal, english muffins, chocolate bars, pretzels and a wholeee bunch of other things, but never cheese! I wonder if I could find rennet, hmmm, I may just have to try my hand at cheese making 😛

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