Two Cent Tuesday

Yippee, it’s TCT!

Here’s what I found interesting lately!
1.) Want to play that “what food has more sugar” game? Go ahead, it’s fun! And you just might  learn something.
2.) What are you feeling like for dinner tonight? Pasta? Mexican? Oh the dilemma! Well, this recipe might help make up your mind.
3.) If you’re looking for a way to celebrate shark week… well, look no further!
4.) Do you own the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook?  If not, enter to win a copy on Angela’s  giveaway!
5.) If you want something chocolately for yourself, make these and don’t let anyone put a finger on your Butterfinger!
6.) Pesto is always a perfect summer spread. Here is a great recipe with gorgeous photos!
7.) Cinnabon– style… it doesn’t even matter what comes after those words because I know all you read was Cinnabon.
8.) Try making these cute watermelon cookies this week!
9.) Looking for a way to use up that eggplant you bought at the farmers market?  Try this cheesy, gooey open faced sandwich!
10.) What’s better than French toast soufflé?  Individual French toast soufflé!
Hope you enjoyed these amazing links!

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