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Jersey Fresh Salad

Of all the summer months, August usually takes the heat, quite literally.  At least here in New Jersey, where it gets so hot and muggy that you don’t feel like eating anything but salads and cool drinks.
Although I didn’t have any recipes planned when I visited the farmers market this week, these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes stood out.


I loved  how there were different colors, shapes and sizes and yet they are all tomatoes, sweet and juicy.


I decided to make an easy, fresh and delicious salad.


It was so easy that I feel like it is hardly a recipe, more or less  just throwing some produce together.
Jersey Fresh Salad:
•7-8 heirloom tomatoes
•3 fresh mint sprigs
•1/2  cup cantaloupe
•Sea salt to taste
1.) Cut cantaloupe into small cubes.  I like the cubes because it makes it easy to eat and it also visually appealing.
2.) Cut the tomatoes in half.
3.) Cut mint into small pieces or you could even rip the pieces.
4.) Sprinkle with salt to taste.
See, I told you it was easy!  This recipe is for a single serving so if you wanted to make it for more, you’d just have to add more of the ingredients.
If you were feeling extra interesting you could add some feta cheese or goat cheese!


Now excuse me, it is expected to be a high of 93 today and I have a salad to eat.

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