If I could tell you about only one restaurant in Philadelphia, it would have to be Agiato.
Located in Manayunk, Agiato takes you to the heart of Italy, where the food is simple, but flavorful and the atmosphere  is quaint, cozy and filled with conversation.
I have been to Agiato three times and every time I return my experience is consistently outstanding.  Although the menu may be a little difficult to understand at first (most of it is in Italian) the servers go out of their way to explain, translate and suggest what you’re craving. 
And you can navigate the menu any way you like.  Maybe you’ll have a salad and some cheese, some meat and cheese, an appetizer and a sandwich…the options are endless.  There are no rules or expectations when it comes to ordering because you eat how you want to – as little  or as much as you like.
At first we thought these little morsels were candy? Marshmallows?  But they were actually sugar!
During this time dining at Agiato we tried nocerella olives with balsamic pistachios.  I loved how simple this appetizer was and yet it was satisfying and fun to eat.  And I didn’t feel stuffed because an appetizer is supposed to be light after all.  Plus, olives are always fun to eat!  And for only $3 you may feel inclined to try several appetizers.
A wide  variety of cheese is also served.  Each cheese is only 1 oz. and served with unlimited bread and honey for dipping.  Cheese + honey = an amazing combination regardless of what cheese you are eating.  And you can create a cheese platter with 1, 3, 5, or 7 cheeses, so the options are unlimited! 
And you can’t beat unlimited bread.  Especially when it is rustic and  light.  It is easy to eat a ton of it.
This panini has prosciutto, truffled leeks, and walnut pesto.  The flavor combo is unlike any sandwich I’ve ever had.  It is salty, aromatic and as the warm meat melts in your mouth you get a big crunch from the bread.  It is seriously unreal.  I have also tried the panini that has gruyere, caramelized onions and calabrian chili, which tastes like a french onion soup sandwich!  You really can’t go wrong with any of the paninis. 
There are also salads, assorted meats and tramezzini, which is similar to a tea sandwich with the crust cut off and is a light, delicate sandwich.
And of course the cappuccino is perfect and the homemade gelato is something to splurge on. 
The experience you will have at this restaurant is unlike any other you have had.  You may go to  Agiato for the food, but the service and atmosphere will make you want to stay – and the return again and again.

6 thoughts on “Agiato.

  1. ah! I just moved to Manayunk in June and Agiato is absolutely my favorite place to go. My boyfriend and I have eaten here multiple times and we love it. We ran in one night around 11 when we were hungry and just got a small bite to eat too. You are so right about the atmosphere. It’s fantastic. I believe that they plan to expand the restaurant sometime in the near future too! Next time you go I suggest trying their Pot De Creme for dessert. Also, their chocolate soufflé is supposed to be awesome, it just takes a bit more time to prepare. I’m also curious about their brunch…the menu looks awesome for that as well! Do you live in the city?

    1. I lived in Manayunk during college but now I live in NJ. I still visit the city often! I did notice that they have the area in the building next door that looks like it will be an expansion. My sister has been to the brunch and said it was amazing!

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