I’ve got something to say… Cause It’s Two Cent Tuesday !

Today’s TCT is the last for the month of July, can you believe it!?
1.) What’s better than a caprese salad in the summer? How about a caprese salad in bread?!
2.) Have you ever considered eating chickpeas as a snack?  Well, I have on many occasions but this recipe shows you how to make them crispy and delicious.
3.) I know you’re craving fruity cocktails this summer and now you can drink them with a little less guilt.
4.) Speaking of drinks, here is a guide on pairing alcohol with mixers.
5.) If you haven’t realized that I love weird and interesting products yet, you will understand why after seeing these.
6.) Here is a great new way to eat baked potatoes! I promise it isn’t boring.
7.) Need something unique to cool you off?  Check out these crazy ice cubes!
8.) I think these ice pops just may be the most picturesque I’ve ever seen.
9.) Please tell me I’m not the only one who tops their pizza with salad?  Oh, you love it too? Well, here is the perfect recipe for you!
10.) I’m definitely going to buy some of these to keep people from eating my food!


Hope your day is swell



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