Two Cent Tuesday

TCT tidbits

Here are some Two Cent Tuesday tidbits from me to you!
1.) If you love traveling as much as I do, you’ve often dreamt of traveling more often or… endlessly. Here are some tips on how to make your dreams a reality.
2.) I know I talk about cookies a lot, but here is the recipe for The Infamous Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies! If they taste as good as these photos look I think they just may be the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
3.) Scallops make an amazing summertime meal but over creamy gruyere polenta?! Now we’re talking.
4.) If you need some photography inspiration or maybe just a good smile check out these photos taken by a Dad of his daughters.
5.) Looking for an inspirational print?  I think this one might do the trick.
6.) Have you ever tried a chocolate margarita?  Neither have I, but it is now on my to do list!
7.) Check out this list of 52 super foods to feel your best.
8.) Have you seen Crazy Susan’s Cookies on the Food Network?  Her cookie shops are located in Ocean City NJ and are delicious (I’ve tried them Winking smile! And yes, you can order them online.
9.) Want another way to use watermelon this summer?  This recipe is refreshing, spicy, salty and sweet.
10.) Do you ever have a serious chocolate craving? I’m pretty sure this recipe will fix that… three times over.
Did you learn or see anything interesting!? As always, I’ll have more great links for you next week!  Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “TCT tidbits

  1. OoOo I’ve been on such a watermelon kick especially in the mornings! Haha, the mixture sounds so good and refreshing! Except I’m not really a drinker, but I’m sure it’s good without 🙂

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