Farm Fresh Friday

Farm Fresh Friday: Honor System

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of the summer the fresh produce is in full swing.  Weekends are filled with farmers markets and during the week farm stands are selling their goods.  And while the honor system may seem common where I’m from, I realize that it is a bit unusual, especially in 2011.
So what exactly am I talking about?
When it comes to  farm stands many local farmers use the honor system where customers can simply walk up, pick out their produce that has already been priced and then put their money in a container.


037 038

While this may seem a little crazy, I am so thankful that this system can exist, allowing everyone to purchase what they want and enables the farmers to continue doing their work.  Plus, it you can take your good old time and be picky because no one is waiting for  you.  013
I drive by this farm stand every summer and always stop for their tomatoes.  Their marketing is pretty simple but works well!  The sign that they have that says tomatoes are 1/2 mile away seems to work because there are always people pulling in and out of the driveway.


So when I stopped by with my friend Nichole  we explored the farm a bit and checked out what was being sold.  Of course I bought a big ole bag of tomatoes!  I’m planning on making some homemade pizza sauce with Jay soon for pizza on the grill – a summertime favorite!




We peeked into the garage where there were tons of tomatoes!

028 029

And some that weren’t quite right for selling.
025 026
Although I did feel bad for them that they were unusual and no one would buy them.  And no, I have no idea why that sign says the rocks are for sale.



Being able to use the honor system restores my faith that there are good people in the world and that all people really want is their produce Smile



11 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Friday: Honor System

  1. That is so cool! I’ve heard of this honor system, but have never experienced it before. I would have been tempted to buy those freaky looking tomatoes, just so they didn’t go to waste! I hope you share how you make your pizza sauce. I once blogged and posted my nightmare debacle in trying to make my own tomato sauce. What I thought would be easy, turned out to be a LOT of work! Maybe you know something I don’t, so I’ll wait and see how you do it.

  2. Speaking of the honor system…we have one farm that does that around here and it was just in the news that someone has been stealing from them:( It makes me sad!

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