Two Cent Tuesday

TCT = Two Cent Tuesday.

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!! It doesn’t quite feel like Tuesday does it?!  But if you do have to go back to work or you’re just feeling a little thrown off, not to worry.  Two  Cent Tuesday is here!
1.) If you’ve been craving nothing but salads lately I found the perfect recipe for you. Sweet, salty and amazing photos!
2.) Do you want to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie?  Who doesn’t! 
3.) Next time you’re at a cocktail party don’t forget your finger plate so you can free up your hands for more drinks! 
4.) Ever wish you could cook your hot dog and bun perfectly in synch?
5.) Wondering what to do with all of that fresh, sweet summer corn?  What about grilled corn and tomato fettuccine?
6.) Are you obsessed with diet soda?  You might want to think twice about slugging one down after reading this article.
7.) Have you ever had pineapple casserole? If you have you know it is buttery, sugary and sinful, but here is a lighter version.
8.) Looking for a different way to have your cake and eat it too?
9.) Do you think it is possible to make delicious meals for $6 or less a day?  Oh  yes it is.
10.) Last week I posted a link for homemade goldfish.   This week?  Homemade Cheez-Its. You’re welcome Jay!
Enjoy your week, Friday is only 3 short days away Smile

4 thoughts on “TCT = Two Cent Tuesday.

      1. yes, please. Throwdown, goldfish vs. cheez-it & cap’n crunch chicken vs. cheez-it chicken. One for the ages – your blog will blow up from all of the excitement

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