Farm Fresh Friday

Farm Fresh Friday: DeHarts Farm Market

It’s places like DeHarts Farm Market that give me faith that small town American still exists.

039 038

Where the fresh produce is grown, picked and sold in one location.

027 028

Where family and friends can rely on fresh, delicious tasting fruits and vegetables.
And where we can directly support the farmers.
There is nothing like the way produce smells.  If the scent could be bottled or made into a candle I would buy a lifetime supply.  And each time I walk up to DeHarts I am overwhelmed with the amazing smell of freshness.







Some of my favorite items from DeHarts include tomatoes, peaches, eggplant and garlic.  Sometimes I stop not knowing what I will buy and just seeing what is available.  Now that is when you know you are buying something fresh.


023024 025

019 037


In South Jersey little farm stands such as this one are passed each day.  And we often do not get a chance to really appreciate how lucky we are to have great fresh food so close to home.
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3 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Friday: DeHarts Farm Market

  1. I love DeHarts! My mom grew up on the farm and worked at the road stand (DeHarts are her cousins). Now my aunt bakes pies and sells them there. Nothing beats Jersey Fresh!

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