Cheer for a year + Two Cent Tuesday

I’m not sure whether I should start singing Happy Birthday to my blog or celebrate an anniversary.  Either way, today marks the day a year ago when I first started my blog.
Looking back, I feel a few tears coming on.  I am so unbelievably grateful and thankful for every reader, comment and kind word.  I never thought in a million years that I would belong to such an amazing community that would welcome me with open arms every day.  And while my first posts are a little embarrassing to look back at, it just shows that I’m growing as a writer, photographer, blogger and person.  Being a food blogger has opened so many doors for me in just the first year and I can’t wait to see where it takes me in the years to follow.
Thank you to each and every one of you for being there for me and supporting me in following my dreams.
And a special thank you to Jay, my biggest blog supporter.  He waits while I take photos of everything when we are out, isn’t embarrassed as I take photos when we dine, reads every menu on every restaurant we pass by, helps me brainstorm for posts, and is one reader that I know will see each post.
That being said, I would like to start another new series called Two Cent Tuesdays, where I’ll put my two cents in about what may have been written in the past week by other bloggers, articles I find interesting, tidbits, gadgets…whatever I please because it is my two cents.  I hope you enjoy!
1.) Looking for a creative way to display fruit at a bbq this summer?  Check out the National Watermelon Promotion Board for really cute ideas!
2.) Will you be in Atlantic City in July?  Be sure to purchase tickets for the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival!
3.) At the end of September – October the Food Network and Food & Wine are hosting the NYC Food & Wine Festival.  Tickets go on sale June 20th!
4.)  Beth sent me an email about Plus Puffs, artisan marshmallows in an array of flavors such as maple bacon, orange honey and strawberry hibiscus.  Will you be brave enough to try some?!
5.) Try making Carole’s Blueberry Stripey Popsicles  for a cool treat this week.
6.)  I’ve been looking for ideas of what to do with the goat cheese I bought at Cherry Grove Farm last week and I think Sonia’s pizza sounds great!  Be sure to check out the details of Cherry Grove’s event where they will have free food, cooking demos and more!
7.)  Can you believe that you can now add designs to your PIZZA?!  That’s right, edible pizza designs.
8.) Look no further for a unique, refreshing summer smoothie recipe.
9.) Nothing is better at a summer picnic than potato chips than homemade potato chips.
10.) Did you know you can rent your own apple tree?
Thanks for reading and I hope you found an interesting tidbit on Two Cent Tuesday!  Have a terrific day Smile

11 thoughts on “Cheer for a year + Two Cent Tuesday

    1. I agree Tina, you are one of the most amazing people I’ve met through blogging! I feel so lucky to have met all these amazing people who share the same passion as I do!!! And I’m glad you like the idea, I figured I always am reading all things food so why not share?!

  1. Congratulations, Allie, one your one year anniversary. Just think, if I hadn’t been standing in line at that busy food truck (and I eventually gave up), I would not have met you. You are maturing in many ways, and I’m happy that you have Jay as your support in so many ways. My husband has learned to patiently wait while his dinner is being photographed. In the end, he knows the wait is worth it. Are you still planning on coming to Monterey, this summer? I’d love to connect with you, if you are. Great idea on the Two Cents Worth roundups. It’s always nice to give shouts to other bloggers.

  2. happy blogiversary? 😛 lol how DO you spell that? Anyways I love these links…the popsicles looks good, the watermelon is epic, and the pizza print is just plain weird.

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