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Farm Fresh Friday: Collingswood Farmers Market

Welcome to Farm Fresh Friday!  While I am a city girl at times, South Jersey is home.  And while I may forget how farmy we are during the winter months, as soon as spring arrives I am immediately reminded how amazing it is to live in the Garden State.
There are many small markets, farm stands and farmers markets that are within close proximity of my house.  And throughout the summer I intend on telling you about their products and showing you beautiful pictures  of their produce all summer long.
One of my favorite farmers markets is Collingswood Farmers Market, located in Collingswood, NJ.  Each Saturday morning farmers and local vendors gather to sell their tasty products to locals looking for the freshest, most delicious produce available.
Throghout the seasons the produce changes.  Here is a list of things that you might find at the Collingswood Farmers Market during the different seasons.
apples • asparagus • snap beans • beets • cabbage • cauliflower • chinese cabbage • peas • radishes • yellow squash • strawberries • sweet potatoes • turnips • zucchinis • dandelions • escarole & endive • greens & herbs • leeks • iceberg lettuce • romaine lettuce • green onions • parsley
peppers • radishes • strawberries • sweet corn • tomatoes • turnips • yellow squash • zucchinis • chinese cabbage • cucumbers • eggplant • escarole & endive • greens & herbs • leeks • lima beans • green onions • parsley • peaches • acorn squash • apples • snap beans • beets • blueberries • cabbage • cauliflower • cantaloupe, melons
peppers • potatoes • pumpkins • sweet potatoes • tomatoes • turnips • yellow squash • zucchinis • chinese cabbage • corn • cucumbers • eggplant • escarole & endive • greens & herbs • leeks • lima beans • green onions • parsley • peaches • acorn squash • apples • snap beans • beets • broccoli • butternut squash • cabbage • cauliflower



When we visited it was only the second week of the season but there were still so many types of fruits and veggies  available.
Are you wondering how local the products at the market are?  You can check out a categorized list here.
099 100

107 108


While we were perusing the market we came across a Great Harvest stand which I’ve been dying to try ever since Kath sparked my interest in their amazing bread!
102 103
I really loved how all the bread was displayed and you were given the opportunity to see what they all looked like.  I wound up buying  a loaf of Dakota bread, which had pumpkin and sunflower seeds on top of the delicious nutty bread.  I’m a firm believer in… I don’t believe it until I taste it! Or  maybe that is just my excuse to taste everything.  Either way, one taste in Great Harvest bread and I became an insta fan.


Aside from produce there are many great items available for sale such as these gorgeous flowers.  105
One of my favorite parts of the Collingswood Farmers Market is the participation of local restaurants.  The Treehouse was selling some baked goods, coffee, and fresh lemonade.
112 114
When we came across  The Torilla Press making fresh salsa, bean dip and guacamole, I was ecstatic.  The guac was so fresh that they had a huge box of avocados and were slicing them there in front of my eyes.
While we were there I bought some fresh salsa, homemade tortilla chips, and a sandwich for breakfast.
Pepper, egg, onion and cheese on a fresh, crusty roll.
The farmers market is a great place to become familiar with what is going on locally and gives you the chance to eat from the land where you live.  Not only will you be supporting local businesses, but you will also have the freshest products available.  Nothing in a grocery store compares to local produce!
If you decide to stop by, you can also be entertained by the musicians that play in the street where you can grab a free concert as you  pick up your goods.
One thing I do recommend…bringing some extra hands because you will want to buy and eat everything!
Collingswood Farmers Market is opened every Saturday until Thanksgiving from 8am-Noon.

7 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Friday: Collingswood Farmers Market

  1. This looks like a wonderful market! 🙂 I love summertime fruits and veggies. They’re so fresh and colorful! The farmer’s market near my house has this yummy kettle corn that wafts throughout the whole place–it’s a treat just to go for the samples!

  2. Your entry captured the true essence of NJ’s local farms and produce~ so beautiful! I so miss NJ produce and all it’s goodness! Thanks for sharing, it brings me back 🙂

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