Pinkies up… for a winner!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Did you try anything new and delicious?  Please  share if you tried anything different.
First, I would like to announce the winner of my Blogher Food 2011 giveaway!  Congrats to Chelsey of Clean Eating Chelsey!  I’m pretty sure I have your address somewhere in my archives but email it to me again just to be sure.
I wish I could have mailed all of you some of the goodies.  Better yet, I wish you would have been there with me.  Hey,why don’t you come next year so we can spend the whole weekend eating and being blog buddies.
But since the next Blogher Food won’t be for a year, how about I tell you another way to treat yourself?
I recently went for tea with some friends at Amelia’s Tea and Holly in Mullica Hill, NJ.  I had been several times with my Mom, sister and Grandmother but this was the first time I was bringing friends.



Now, I know what you might be thinking.  Tea?  For adults?  Isn’t that what little girls do while playing?  Of course it is.  But why can’t we play as adults?
Having tea makes you feel fancy, elegant and poised.

004 005 008

You get to use sugar cubes, tiny tea cups and floral tea pots.



You sip instead of slurping.  And soup tastes better when you eat it slowly. (Actually I think Amelia’s soup is really that amazing.)
Most tea places will do layers of an assortment of food such as this one.
Tea sandwiches are so delicious and simple.
A scone, pound cake and fresh fruit.
And assortment of small dessert bites.
But most importantly, having tea is about enjoying the company you go with and actually taking time to slow down and relax.
You deserve to be treated like a queen!  And I was under the impression that queens didn’t have to pay. Winking smile

12 thoughts on “Pinkies up… for a winner!

  1. I love going out for High Tea! Love it! My husband is such a good sport, that he’ll go with me. $25.00 is a bargain. In San Francisco, it’s $75.00 a person. Oi.
    PS: So, um, are you going to San Francisco’s Foodbuzz Festival in November? I’m thinking about it. Monica will be busy being a new mom, so she isn’t coming.

  2. That tea place looks like my idea of heaven. I would looove to go someplace like that! So cute! ahhh. I wanna be a Queen too! Now I think I will look for something similar in my city. The decor and everything had me gushing right now 🙂 ahh!

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