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Mousse expertise, so good you’ll want meese.

If you asked me what my favorite dessert was I think I’d have to respond by saying, “Anything chocolate!!!”  Anything? You might wonder.  Hmm, yes.  I’ve had all kinds of chocolate, even spicy chocolate.  And I’ve had different things dipped  in chocolate, like potato chips.  And I still haven’t found chocolate that I didn’t like.

But if I really had to pick…it would be chocolate mousse.  There is something about chocolate mousse.  It is creamy, rich, airy, deep, sweet and dare I say, heavenly.
I will be honest that the only bad part is that it isn’t the easiest thing to make.  It involves some steps that may be a little discouraging but I promise it will be worth it in the end.

You will need:
•8 oz. dark chocolate ( I used Dove chocolate squares)
•¼ cup of water
•2 TBS butter
•3 egg yolks
•2 TBS sugar
•¼ cup water
•1 ¼ cup whipping cream
1.)    Begin by  putting chocolate in a food processor until it is chopped  into little pieces.  Then, microwave the chocolate, first ¼ cup water and butter in a microwave safe bowl.  I would suggest microwaving on low increments of time so that you can check on the mix and make sure it isn’t burning.  Once everything is melted, stir and allow to completely cool.

2.)    In a saucepan combine egg yolks, sugar and remaining water and heat to 160°.  I would suggest using a candy thermometer to do this so it reaches the appropriate temperature.

3.)    Remove from heat and whisk in chocolate mixture in a bowl.  Set the bowl in another bowl filled with ice and stir until cooled.  Lastly, fold in whipped cream and portion into bowls.

I suggest you sit down and take a moment to eat this mousse in a quiet place where you can just acknowledge how amazingly tasty it is.  And realize that is doesn’t get more decadent than this…unless of course you decide to dip some chocolate covered chips in the mousse.  I promise I won’t judge you!


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