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My favorite city.

Hello everyone!  I hope the weather was beautiful this weekend wherever you were because it was gorgeous in NYC!!  Jay and I went visited the city for a quick getaway and it was perfect.  We wined, dined…and saw WICKED!

This photo is a picture of the set before the show.  Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take photos as the show is going on but I wish I could have! Although I’m sure it wouldn’t have done the show any justice.
Last night we ate at a restaurant called Mia Dona, an Italian restaurant.  We were meeting some friends but got there a little early and just so happened to make it in time for happy hour!  We grabbed a few drinks before dining.

The food was delicious and I loved how the portions were just right.  I left feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed.


We spent a good amount of time walking around the city (today we walked over 10 miles!) and saw all kind of great sites.  You could just feel the energy and everyone was out and about.  I love how most restaurants have outdoor seating, especially because I can browse what everyone else is eating by just walking by 😉

There were tons of protests going on throughout the city which made things interesting.  And there was some sort of bike through the city where there were tons of bikers that we saw all day!

Today we had a sandwich at Salume, another Italian eatery!  NY Magazine rated this sandwich shop to have the best Panini in NYC!  And I concur.
Another great weekend in New York City and I can’t wait to return.

4 thoughts on “My favorite city.

  1. How amazing that you got to see Wicked, I’ve been meaning to see it forever 😀 All the food looks delicious and I love that panini in the last pic 🙂

  2. Loved the photos Allie! aww awesome! I was gonna see wicked with friends, but something came up and it was cancelled. (the plans, I mean) glad you had a sweet time~ 🙂

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