mind your p’s and Q BARBEQUE & TEQUILA!

Margaritas are the bomb.  Plain and simple.  They’re refreshing, delicious and fun to drink.  So clearly any place with the word  tequila in their name is going to have amazing margaritas.
Q is no exception!
I visited with a great group of friends who all had margaritas on their brain!
They make my all time favorite margarita!
A cucumber margarita! It sound unusual but it is so tasty.
We also started off with some appetizers.  The flatbread of the night was pulled pork and apple chutney!
And  homemade tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa!
There are a ton of great choices that you can make when it comes time to ordering your meal!  They have everything from barbeque to mexican food!
Since I had been here before and liked what I ordered I got the same thing.
I had the combo platter which included barbeque chicken,  barbeque brisket and green beans.  The meats normally comes on slices of white bread but I knew that would be way too much so I asked to get the meat without the bread.  And thank goodness I did because I wasn’t even able to put much of a dent into what I was given!
And you can’t forget to put some special Q sauce on your food!
We had a great time eating, sipping and laughing.  The food was great and I was able to share my favorite margarita with my friends!
You just need to remember one thing if you visit here!
It’s BBQ the way their Pop-Pop used to do it, not yours :)!

10 thoughts on “mind your p’s and Q BARBEQUE & TEQUILA!

  1. hey al! miss you! just wanted to tell you one of my best friends from kutztown works at Q i have been there once so good!!

  2. Wow that food looks amazing! I love BBQ sauce, being a vegetarian means I have to be creative on what I put it on but I still love it! I’ve never actually had a margarita…I’m not big on drinking but I’ve heard they’re yummy. I think I’d need a much smaller one though, and maybe the red variety? What is that kind?

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