Got my fill at The Capital Grill.

Working as a server has its perks.  Sure, making fast cash is nice and convenient.  But sometimes it can be a drag when it is a slow night or you wait on too many cheap people.  I could go on forever but that is for another time.
One of the best perks about working for a restaurant is the great discounts they usually offer.  Because I work for Darden, I can dine at any of their restaurants and get 25% off of the bill for up to 8 guests, not including alcohol.
The Capital Grill was recently added to the Darden family so we now have the privledge of using our discount there!  In case you aren’t familiar with The Capital Grill, it is a upscale restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood.  I wouldn’t normally be able to dine here because it is pretty expensive, but with  my discount my family was able to enjoy a great night out!
Mom & Dad
My sister Carrie & brother in law Ryan.

Jay & I
Dinner started off with a fantastic bread basket.  I actually skipped this part because  I knew I’d fill up too quickly to enjoy my meal.  But everyone said it was delicious.
I also had a Stoli Doli, which is The Capital Grill’s signature drink.  It’s pineapple infused vodka!  They make it on the premises and it is so refreshing and light.  I was expecting it to be a little strong but the flavors were so delicate and I wanted to drink buckets of this drink!
We tried two appetizers and this one was my favorite.  Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella with fresh tomato and basil.  The mozzarella was perfectly melted and the prosciutto was crispy so the textures were a perfect match.  The tomatoes were deliciously ripe and together everything just melted in your mouth.
We also tried calamari that was mixed with cherry peppers.  For whatever reason I didn’t catch a picture of it but I did get  a photo of my plate with the calamari so I figured it was the next best thing.  I like calamari but don’t love it.  So while  I enjoyed this dish it wouldn’t be something that I could finish on my own.  I did like the peppers with the calamari because it added another texture and flavor component that made it more interesting.
Right before dinner I ordered a glass of wine.  Their wine menu is so extensive and is actually longer than the actual food menu.  I talked with the server who recommended this pinot grigio with my main course.
Crab legs!  I’m not a huge steak fan so I stuck with my favorite seafood.  I really liked that they did all the dirty work and all you had to do was  pop the meat out of the half cut shells.  The crab meat was sweet and while I was worried this wouldn’t fill me, I was feeling great by the end.
All sides come a la carte, so if you order an entree it just comes as is, without any sides.  The sides are served family style so we tried the creamed spinach and lobster mac and cheese!  I also had a small piece of my Dad’s steak.
Jay had roasted chicken.  The literally give you a roasted chicken!
For dessert we had this massive tray of treats. I mentioned that it was my Mom’s birthday and was expecting them to bring a small treat or not even acknowledge the celebration.  And when the server brought out the tray I thought she was going to show us what we could possibly have but instead she offered us the whole tray!  So note to everyone, if you want a great birthday treat, The Capital Grill will treat you to dessert 😉
I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to dine at The Capital Grill and had such a great experience.  I’d recommend dining here if you have the opportunity for the food of course and also to enjoy the way the staff makes you feel like you are fancy.  Would I go back?  Most definitely!  Even if I didn’t have my discount 🙂

8 thoughts on “Got my fill at The Capital Grill.

  1. I’ve been wanting to go there for quite sometime now but the whole $$$ things has gotten in the way…maybe for my birthday though! The whole reason I want to go there is that someone told me the lobster mac & cheese was to die for. I am a kid at heart so mac & cheese is my favorite but when you add lobster to the mix I don’t sound like a 5 year old, win win! The bread also looks so yummy…can you tell I like carbs?

  2. What a great birthday dinner for your mother! That food looks good! I’ve always wanted to go there. My fiance worked at Darden but just recently got a new job and we never made it over there with his discount! Maybe for a special occasion! I’ve enjoyed browsing through your older blog posts, they are fabulous!

  3. it looks like you and your family had a really nice time! It’s fun to go out to really nice dinners every once in a while. I had no idea that all of those restaurants were owned by the same family. that’s insane. I have been to the Capital Grill twice before…once with my family and once with my boyfriend. I really loved it…they really make fantastic food. I also don’t know how you resisted that bread basket. That is my biggest weakness! hahaha

    1. Yeah it’s pretty cool that Darden owns a bunch of places…more for us to try 🙂 I had to hold back but I’m glad I did because the rest of the meal was worth it!

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