How to cook in a tiny kitchen.

To say that the kitchen in Jay’s apartment is small would be an understatement.  It is teeny tiny.  And if you thought that would stop us from trying to cook in it, you’d be wrong.
We do try to stick to simple things and what simpler than pizza?!  Jay had a great idea to make naan pizza and I agreed.
To give you an idea of what we were working with…this is the only counter space available and we sure did load it up with great ingredients.
While Jay started prepping the naan I was slicing up some peppas.
We spread a little olive oil on the naan for some flavor.
Some mozzarella cheese.
Followed by cheddar cheese.
And some grilled chicken.
Jay accidentally began spreading the cheese on my pizza so I had to spread the sauce on top.  Kinda like boardwalk pizza I suppose.
I added some grilled chicken and peppers on mine.
I also made some green beans for some color and nutrition.
And the results…
Not only did we create a delicious meal but we also had fun doing it!  Who says you can’t cook in small spaces?

10 thoughts on “How to cook in a tiny kitchen.

  1. Aaah small kitchens! My kitchen is a total NIGHTMARE- everything is placed stupidly. Say someone was washing dishes, they’d be bumping into whoever was trying to use the stove – so for that reason I tend to beg and plead my family to stay out of the kitchen when I’m in there 😛

    Your pizzas look delicious!

  2. Our very first apartment was 400 square feet. You could reach two walls in our kitchen just stretching out your arms one direction. It fit 2 people and only 2 people. If you put a third in there no one could move. It was itty itty itty bitty. And yet that’s where the first 11 months of our married life were spent and we cooked some seriously good things in that kitchen. And now I’m super appreciative for a normal sized kitchen in our house, haha!

    1. Weird how we sometimes forget how regional things are! Boardwalk pizza is when they put the cheese first then the sauce. Really popular at different pizza places on the boardwalk and around shore towns.

  3. your pizza recipe looks so good! Naan bread is always something I stock up on, usually freezing it and defrosting it whenever I’m in the mood for pizza and/or just eating it with a hummus spread.

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