Buy it, Try it.

I’m pretty sure  that I was supposed to be born in another country.  Or at least another part of the country.  I’m a huge fan of different kinds of food and the selection in South Jersey is just, eh.  If you want good, unique food, you probably have to venture into Philadelphia.
So Jay and I did!  We visited the Mexican Post for tasty Mexican food.

I’m a big fan of any place  that gives you chips and salsa.  I don’t care if it is a Mexican restaurant or not.  So I was a happy camper when I saw this was a part of the deal.
I had a big margarita.  The “you need two hands” kind.
Jay had a Tecate beer.
Which he went on to crush.
After a few sips of a “you need two hands” margarita, you start looking up at the lights and saying, “This is a pretty room.” Full house reference anyone?
I had a side  salad to start with a cilantro dressing.  Oh yes, so good.  I love cilantro anything.  Cilantro dressing on my queso fresco, yes please.
And then I had a big  Mexican feast.
Pork tamales with refried beans and toppings ! The tamales were delicious.  Great moist texture and the flavor was perfect.  My only complaint would be that the pork wasn’t inside the tamales, which is what I think of when talking about traditional tamales.
Jay had a quesadilla that he said was similar to a grilled cheese.  A little bit too much cheese.
We left feeling pretty full so we were thankful to have the chance to walk it off a bit, even if it was freezing cold.  I thought the food was good and it was definitely a better experience than we would have had locally, but I think the award would have to go to the Tortilla Press.
I was left once again dreaming about Mexican food long after we left The Mexican Post ( weeks?) so I had to create something equally as delicious and a lot healthier.  Stay tuned for my Mex-a-licious recipe!

8 thoughts on “Buy it, Try it.

  1. I wish you had a comment section under each food photo like on facebook. I keep wanting to say something about each one. Actually, I’d probably just be like, ‘oh, that’s cool!’ all the time. That’d get boring. It does look great though, and makes me want mexican.

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