Bobby knows what’s up.

You can’t deny that Bobby Flay is the man.  He’s a great chef, iron chef, griller and he knows how to throw it down!  And I don’t know about you, but he seems like he’d be a pretty cool guy to hang out with.
Bobby has several high end restaurants but he also has Bobby’s Burger Palace, aka heaven or BBP.  And, you guessed it, Jay and I ventured out to the Philadelphia location in this below freezing weather to check it out.
The feel of the restaurant is very relaxed.  You walk in, get in line, check out the menu ( or if you’re like me you check it out online contemplate for a week), place your order where you pay and get a number.  Then, you sit down with your number visible and wait!
The menu includes creative burger choices and you also have the option of getting a veggie burger, turkey burger, or chicken.  Sides include fresh cut french fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings.  You could also get a salad or grilled cheese but that would kind of defeat the purpose.  And as far as drinks go, you can get  spiked  milkshakes, beer, wine, margaritas and fountain soda.
After we placed our order and paid we patiently waited.
In case you were wondering about the cost, it wasn’t bad at all!
Can’t beat going out to dinner in the city for under $30.
The seating is pretty unique.  There was one long table where we sat and you sit on swivel chairs.  It was interesting because people would just come and sit next to you.  There was also smaller tables and a bar style seating area.
I had a glass of vino.
Jay had a beer.
There was  an array of different sauces that you could try with your meal.
I had the Philly burger which included either provolone or cheese whiz (I got American instead) fried onions and hot peppers.
Oh and how could I forget to mention this?!
You can “crunchify” any sandwich, which means add chips to it.  I had to.
Jay had a chicken sandwich with American cheese, bacon and he also crunchified his sandwich.
We also had some fresh cut fries that was served with a zesty dipping sauce.
So what can y about BBP? Amazing.  A very great concept with solid good food.  My sandwich was juicy, cheesy and flavorful.  I don’t eat burgers that often but when I do, it better be good.  And this burger exceeded my expectations.  I recommend checking this place out at one of their 5 locations if you get the chance!
Now I just wonder if Bobby would be up for a BBP throwdown…


14 thoughts on “Bobby knows what’s up.

  1. Awesome! Even if it wasn’t in New Jersey, it looks delicious! Your pictures are great, like normal. And yeah, American or Cheddar is the way to go on burgers. Cheeze Whiz is not your friend, its just a mess. How was the burger itself?

    1. It was delicious Nick! Thanks 🙂 I had such a hard time deciding on what burger to get but I figured I had to get the Philly in Philly! And yeah, whiz is gross and American just tastes so good on burgers. The burger was perfect…juicy, flavorful and just the right size.

  2. Those fries look delicious – and I’m pretty sure I would freak out if someone I didn’t know sat next to me. For that reason I always sit in the middle of people at places like the movies, church, bars, etc.

    1. They were! I like when places make them fresh. And uhh yeah it was pretty annoying. We sat right on the end to try and avoid that, thinking no one would sit in between two sets of different people but we were wrong.

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