Twas two weeks after Christmas.

The last holiday celebration has come and gone.  I know what you’re thinking…that’s crazy!  Well yes, yes it is.  You see, my Aunt had planned a Christmas brunch for the day after Christmas but mother nature wasn’t having any of that.  Instead, it decided to snow.  So we rescheduled 🙂
And thank goodness we did because my family sure knows how to throw a great brunch !
Started off with a variety of cheeses.
Tea for some.
And coffee for others.  My Aunt gave me a demonstration on how to use a french press and mmm! I can see one of these in my future.  I felt like the flavor was much more bold and full.
Fresh bagels.
A little bubbly!  Hello mimosas.
Homemade monkey bread. Oh yes.  This was amazing.  My Aunt said it was pretty time consuming but I definitely need the recipe.
I contributed a panzanella salad.  I will be sharing the recipe soon!
Fresh fruit.  Can you spot the brother?
Egg stratta!  You can find the recipe here!
A taste of eggplant.
And then we moved on to dessert!
Key lime pie.
Sugar cookies.
Peppermint bark.
It was great to get together with my family as always!  And now…we  can officially say the holiday celebrating has ended.  Time for Valentine’s Day, and spring and my birthday… 🙂

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