Good eats and the city that never sleeps.

Hello friends and bloggies!  I’m back from NYC.  I had a great time, walked a lot, ate great food  and saw a lot of great sights.
Jay and I stayed at the Millenium Hilton, located in the Financial District.
Our hotel was gorgeous!
This was the second time that I used Priceline.com and bid for a hotel.  I was really happy with the results and was able to get another great deal. I would recommend bidding on for your hotel on your next trip!
Along with our room came this awesome view.  Not much to complain about 🙂
I made sure to take Jay to Baked by Melissa, a little cupcake window in NoHo.
These little morsels are so easy to devour!
We also HAD to check out Eataly, a concept that Mario Batali brought back from Italy.
If I even tried to explain this place to you, it wouldn’t do it justice.  Let’s just say that it is now my new heaven.  Prior to Eataly, my favorite place was Trader Joes, coming in first and Wegmans, coming in second.
I  had a tasty panini that had melted fontina cheese and mushrooms!
While walking around the city I took some pretty photos.
We tried out a place that I read about and have wanted to try for awhile now!
Pommes Frites is a french fry restaurant where they make the fries fresh on the spot.  And that isn’t even the best part.
There are 26 different flavored dipping sauces that you get purchase to accompany your fries!
Oh, and the fries are served in cones and the tables have holes where you put the cone!
I tried rosemary garlic dipping sauce and the sweet mango chutney sauce.
Not only is this place delicious but also really fun and different!
Later we went to dinner.  It was quite an adventure because we wanted to have Mexican food and that just wasn’t working out.  So we ate at Heartland Brewery.
Jay had a beer and I sipped on a mojito.
I had steamed shrimp dumplings for an appetizer which were actually really tasty!  This was the best part of my meal which was surprising.
For my meal I had a salad topped with famous roasted chicken, Gorgonzola cheese, pecans and cranberries.
We thought this place was good at best.  Definitely not all that memorable or worth returning to.
The next day we ventured out to find a restaurant that we had visited a year ago.  We’ve been trying to remember the name ever since but couldn’t! So we went out in search of…
It’s a cute little restaurant with a great menu.
We started off with some  beers because hey, it was 5 o’clock somewhere!
I had a grilled veggie sandwich that was amazing.  They put cilantro on the sandwich which really gave it a great flavor.
Jay couldn’t help but to order some truffled parmesan fries.
He also had french toast.
Sorry for writing such a long post!  I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out what we did in New York and decided that you’re visiting Eataly soon!
I also wanted to announce that Margaux was the winner of my giveaway, congrats Maragux!
Until next time 🙂

14 thoughts on “Good eats and the city that never sleeps.

  1. I like the night and day shot of your room view. Just beautiful. I haven’t been to NYC for at least 30 years (way before you were born). I’d love to see Eataly! It looks like you two know how to have fun. So romantic…
    I’m jealous of Jay’s fries. They are my nemesis. I’m also a beer drinker. C’est la vie. I can’t eat those for a while.

    1. The room was gorgeous. And I’m glad I had a chance to get a picture of it in both lights…it looks so different! You should definitely check out Eataly if you are ever on the east coast, it is magical. We try to get out and about as much as we can…there’s so much to see 🙂

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