You take one down, pass it around…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always got your eye on all of the websites with great deals and offers.  I’m always trying to find the steal and try my best to pinch pennies where I can while still having fun.
So when I saw that one of our favorite restaurants was having a  complimentary beer tasting, I knew we just had to try it out!
We also made reservations at 7:30 and happy hour is until 7:00 with $3 drink specials so we made sure to time that perfectly 😉
I was so in love with the decorating.  Everything was Christmasy but still elegant at the same time.
When we arrived we were educated a little bit about the beers we were sipping.
After some sipping we headed over to the bar to have a drink before dinner.  Iron Hill Brewery actually makes their own beer on site!
The walls to the brewing area are glass so you can peek at all the machinery.
We each ordered a raspberry wheat beer and I switched to a glass of wine midway.
Before long it was time to dine!
I started off with a cup of mushroom soup, a local favorite because the mushroom capital is very close to this area!
It was served with rosemary bread. Oh yumm! I love rosemary so I  was so dunking this in my soup.
For my entree I was between scallops and mahi mahi.  I asked the server for some help and she convinced me to go with the mahi mahi  because it was a special and wouldn’t be there  next time I came back.
And a delicious choice it was.  It was served over pistachio cous cous and arugula.
Jay  had a chicken sandwich and ventured out and tried it with an aioli.
Normally, I don’t have any problems polishing off my food, but I had to put my fork down and take some home.
“Why?” you may ask.
Because my friends, we knew.  We knew that dessert was in the cards for us that night.
The double chocolate hill.
I try not to get dessert when I’m  out to eat and Jay  isn’t really a fan of dessert to begin with (I know, crazy), but this dessert we cannot pass down.  It is a big mountain of chocolate cake, swimming in a pool of dark chocolate, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.  Oh, and there’s melted peanut butter inside.  Uhhh yeah.  And Jay doesn’t like peanut butter (I know, crazy) so I take one for the team and eat the lava flowing peanut butter all by myself.
My mouth is watering!
Did mention that a portion of the money goes towards a charity for children?  I’m helping the children people!
So let’s just say that after dinner we needed to go for a little stroll to walk off some beer and some of that double chocolate hill.
It didn’t hurt that our walk made us feel festive.
Festive and full (of double chocolate hill!)?  Now that’s what I’m all about 🙂

11 thoughts on “You take one down, pass it around…

  1. It looks like you two enjoy dining out together. I’m happy for you. I’m with Jay. I like PBJ sandwiches, once in a while. I just don’t care for them in my desserts. Not one bit. Still, I’d eat around that and enjoy the whipped cream and chocolate. I’m a beer drinker, by the way. I love trying artisan beer.

    1. Glad that you’re a beer drinker! That means we will just have to get some to sip on when I come visit you in CA! We do have fun eating out 🙂 And I’ll just have to eat all the peanut butter!

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