My fish wish.

Hey ya’ll.
I wanted to briefly write about the other night when Jay and I went out to eat.  We started off looking into places to go for vacation which quickly lead to where we wanted to eat.  Vacations usually mean eating so that must have been where our heads were.  At least mine was.   And then we just kind of got carried away and started naming a bunch of places that we wanted to go to!  We decided that we need to seriously make a written list.  I’m determined to do this so when I come up with my solid list, that I will obviously add to and cross things off of, I will post it for you all to read 🙂
I was pretty bummed that my fancy pants camera battery was dead so I had to settle with my good old point and shoot.  It made me realize how spoiled I am!
We finally decided on Carolina Blue.  A smokehouse taproom.
I started off with a glass of wine.  It was wine Wednesday after all!  I was planning on a glass of sauvignon blanc anyway and wouldn’t you know that was one of the specials!
Small side note: As a server, I am supposed to sell my customers alcohol and extra things.  And maybe some people can be talked into ordering items but when I go out to eat I know before I even look at the menu whether I want alcohol or not, and what it is that I want.  So when servers try to sell me things I just chuckle because they are wasting their breath, I am not a sucker.
Moving along!
There’s my date.
Like I mentioned, Carolina Blue is a smokehouse.  Interestingly enough, neither of us had any kind of barbeque, which is what their specialty is.
Why you may ask?  Because sea bass was on the menu!
I was pretty pumped.  This was pretty much the winning reason as to why we chose this restaurant over the list of others!  And the server brought me 2 kinds of sauces because I couldn’t decide on one.  Lemon garlic and ginger soy.  I preferred the ginger dressing.  And I also loved that the sauce was served on the side so it wasn’t drowning in it!
Crab fries were also a part of the equation.
And Jay had a chicken wrap with homemade chips.
Mmm was it a delicious meal.  I am still dreaming about that sea bass.
Well, that is all folks.  Just couldn’t see going out for a great meal and not filling you in on it!  That would be very un-foodie of me and we all know I’m obsessed.

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