Somethin’ pumpkin.

Last week we had a Thanksgiving feast at work.  Everything was prepared for us except for dessert.  I wracked my brain to try and think of something creative but thoughts of pumpkin rolls kept jumping into my head.  Mmmm pumpkin.  So, I decided that I had to make a pumpkin roll.
Pumpkin = Thanksgiving = Tradition.  And everyone likes tradition, right?
I’m starting to think that I might just have to stock up on pumpkin so when it isn’t on the shelves at the grocery store I can get my fix.
Once I perused the internet for the perfect recipe I decided to make Granny Kat’s pumpkin roll.
I followed the recipe except I used Bob’s Red Mill graham flour instead of regular flour.  I think it gave the cake a nice texture 🙂  I also never realized how many fun flavors of flour they have! Like coconut flour…oooo! ahhh!
Mmm look at all those layers of cream cheese!
Let’s just say that when I brought this to the celebration, there were disputes about who got the last slice.  I’d call that a success 🙂



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