Good for you cordon bleu.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t necessarily  “good” for you.  There aren’t any veggies involved and cordon bleu is meat stuffed with meat. And cheese.  But I found a version that is a whole lot better for you than your run of the mill version.  Is it as delicious?  No way.  It’s better!
Shall we get started?
First, preheat your oven to 400°
You’ll need:
•1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I use the really thin kind so that you don’t have to pound the chicken.  But if you are feeling a little anxious, by all means, beat up that chicken and get some frustrations out.
•3 oz. of ham sliced thin
•3 oz. of swiss cheese sliced thin
•bread crumbs (I used panko for some added crunch)
•toothpicks, about 10
Here are all the ingredients.  Excited and ready to go.
I didn’t take the liberty of measuring the dipping ingredients because I like to wing it like that.  It’s more fun that way.
Before you get cooking you’ll want to spray a pan so that when the chicken cooks it doesn’t stick.
-Begin with a piece of chicken.  Place  one slice  of ham on the chicken, followed by 1 piece of cheese.  Then roll, roll, roll the chicken. Gently down the pan…oh wait,  that’s not how the lyrics go.
Keep rolling and secure with several toothpicks.  I was able to keep it all together with just 2, one on each end.  If only toothpicks could help  me keep it together!
Next, throw the roll into the flour.
Then into the mustard
Lastly, the breadcrumbs.
Look at those crunchy pieces!
Looks like it’s time for the oven!
Bake for 40 minutes and you’re finished!
I served my chicken over some fresh spinach with a side of white rice and some roasted butternut squash.
A simple, delicious, gourmet meal made in a short amount of time that won’t have you feeling super stuffed afterward!

19 thoughts on “Good for you cordon bleu.

  1. Allie I love your blog and your recipes….this one is definitely one I have to try soon! Why haven’t you told me about this blog before…I have to read about it on the Courier Post…lol

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