A Wonderful Lady…My Gram is 80!

This weekend was my Gram’s 80th Birthday! Such an amazing thing to be healthy and happy at 80.
In order to celebrate we had a brunch at my Aunt’s house.
Fresh baked goods.
Pink punch.
Delicious dishes cooked by my family members.
And everyone enjoyed the food of course 🙂
One of the gifts that we gave my Gram was a book comprised of memories and stories that we’ve had with her.  Because my memory involved my passion for food I thought I’d share 🙂

Strong scents of onions and garlic fill the air.  Chopping, dicing, mixing.  I crack open my Mom’s cookbook and search for a recipe card.  Recipe by: Grandma Helen.  The ingredients are simple, the measurements are not specific.  A shake of this, a dash of that, a glug of olive oil.  I do my best and cross my fingers that my recipe will come out the way my Grandma Helen’s would.

As a child, I remember watching my Grandma cook.  She was always happy in the kitchen and everyone else was happy when she was in the kitchen too.  There were always delicious smells wafting through the air and the end result was amazing.  Cooking makes my Grandma Helen happy.  She loves to feed others and watch them enjoy her cooking.  You can never leave her home hungry, and she always makes sure you bring something home.  And when she entertains, there is never enough food.

Watching my Grandma cook always made me want to be in the kitchen.  Cooking always looked fun and creating things that people loved was something that I wanted to do.  And as I was able to help my Mom in the kitchen I learned recipes and skills that she learned from Grandma.  Whenever I pull out a recipe that my Grandma made I think about her and am thankful that she gave me something that I am passionate about.


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