So long, farewell, I have to see Alcatraz!

Leaving my Foodbuzz friends was a difficult task!  It’s crazy how quickly you become friends with people.
On Sunday morning I reluctantly headed over to the Sir Frances Drake in the rain.  I think San Fran was sad that the weekend was over too because it sure was a gloomy morning.  We had a farewell brunch where we gathered to eat (of course), chat and say goodbye!
Fresh fruit!
I thought the food was good.  Not excellent.  I’m not a huge fan of buffet style meals, especially when it comes to breakfast.  I just think things get kind of cold and unappealing.
After breakfast I headed out on my own to do some exploring!
I stopped by the Ferry Building again to get souvenirs and enjoy all the foodieness that it has to offer.  While I was there I grabbed this lyche iced tea!  It was so delicious and refreshing.
I had a little bit of time to kill so I walked (in the pouring rain) from the Ferry Building, where my tour for Alcatraz was leaving.
I had to  buy a poncho and an umbrella because the weather was so out of control.  I was pretty bummed but decided to make the best of my day.  And to my surprise the sun came out while I was on the ferry!
Ok, so I’m going to share this picture with you guys because you need to understand how windy it was on the ferry.  I was traveling alone so I had to get up the nerve to ask people to take pictures of me a bunch.  Kind of embarrassing but everyone was so nice about it.  So anyway, after  a random guy took this picture he was like, sweet hair.
Hysterical! As bad as it is, it just is too good not to share!
Approaching “the rock” as they call it.
It wound up being such a beautiful day and I was able to get some really pretty pictures.
This was the laundry room in Alcatraz.
I found it pretty interesting that the crimes people were in jail for weren’t all that horrific.  They said it wasn’t the crime that they committed, it was their behavior that was what got them there.
On the tour they told us that having a cell facing these windows was most desired so that the prisoners could look at the sun.  It was also like torture because they could see the city from their cells and felt like it was being dangled in front of them.  They said that on New Years Eve you could hear all the wealthy people out on boast celebrating which was especially depressing.
Solitary confinement cell.
Looking out the prison window at the city.
The view of the city was gorgeous!
I had such a great time, even by myself.  I would recommend anyone got visit!
After my tour I headed back on the ferry to meet Sarah for dinner.
As soon as I got off the ferry I noticed there was a rainbow!
I actually stayed right on the Fisherman’s Wharf but didn’t really get a chance to explore until I walked around with Sarah!  So glad I did because it was a very interesting place.  Pretty touristy but fun nonetheless.
Dungeness crabs!
Almost as big as my head!  I didn’t realize how big of a deal these bad boys were in San Fran but I’m sure glad they were because I’m a huge fan of crabs.
Sarah and I walked around for a bit before deciding on this restaurant.
Our view was so beautiful!
We started off with some fresh, crusty, sourdough bread!  I miss this stuff already.
I also had a cup  of clam chowda.  Even though I’m not a fan of clams, this soup was really good!
I love dining with other food bloggers!
I had half of a dungeness crab with scallops and some corn on the cob.  Everything was cooked “wharf style” which was in tomatoes, green onion and a lemon butter!
Some veggies on the side.
Sarah and I  had an amazing meal!  The sun was setting and she had to get going to catch her plane.  I headed to Barnes & Noble to relax and get ready for my big day in Sonoma! Which I am going to update you about next 🙂
Oh, and Amanda from Eatspinlive is having a giveaway for a Hamilton Beach 12 Speed Blender!  Check out her blog for a chance to win 🙂

8 thoughts on “So long, farewell, I have to see Alcatraz!

  1. Allie, I’m so glad that you made it to Alcatraz. You took GREAT pictures. We were around the Ferry Building about the same time you were wandering around the wharf. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we first met! See you next year, if not sooner.

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