Breakin’ Out.

Saturday  morning I was up and at ’em by 7:00!  I mean, technically it was 10:00 at home, but who is getting technical?  I think I deserve the credit for waking up early 🙂
I hustled my butt across town for some of the day’s activities.  But before, I needed some fuel!
And it’s a good thing I got Starbucks!  Because while I was there I ran into some amazing ladies that I wound up spending a good amount of time with.  But I’ll get to that in a bit.
So off we went to get our learn on…
The first session that I attended was about photography and improving your skills.  It was a quick but informative session.
Then we had the chance to practice what we learned! I took the opportunity to photograph some water while all the stations were busy.
Next, I attended a session presented by Fresh Express.  Chef Todd and Ashley from Edible Perspective did a demonstration of Ashley’s recipe.
It looked so delicious, I wish we could have tasted it!
Lastly, I attended a session about successful blogging and what other bloggers feel like success means to them.
After the sessions I went to the Ferry Building with Sarah, Lauren, Lauren, and Gina.
It was such a gorgeous day out and the city was buzzing with all kinds of vendors and fun stands.
When we arrived at the Ferry Building there was a farmers market outside that we checked out first.
We tried a persimmon!  It tastes sweet but had the texture of a tomato.  Interesting to say the least.
This was a kind of grapefruit…very weird!  I almost didn’t believe that the fruit I was eating was actually that bizarre fruit.
We then headed inside to check out all of the goodies!
This was a little honey stand where we tasted a bunch of flavors.  They were all really unique and so good!
I bought 2 kinds of olive oil here, regular flavored and blood orange.
The view from the Ferry Building was gorgeous!
We then headed to the tasting pavilion.  On our way we saw a bridal party!
I’ll fill you in on the tasting pavilion next 🙂

12 thoughts on “Breakin’ Out.

  1. Looks so great!

    Korea is the land of persimmons…currently they are in season and are sold on every street corner. I like them ,but I don’t love them.

  2. Hello Chica! How fun for me to see how you spend the weekend in San Francisco. Seriously, I am so glad that I met you, while standing in line for MORE food! I bought some Tupelo honey at that very stand, on Sunday. Monica and her husband and I ventured around the stores. I hope you enjoyed your tour to Alcatraz. I have about 300 photos to upload and edit. You’re in a few of them. Find me on Facebook as “Debby Foodiewife”. I’d love to keep in touch with you. Hugs, Debby.

  3. LOVE the recap. And that picture you sent from wine country was breathtaking! I want to hear all about it. I had so much fun hanging out with you. Miss you gals!

  4. Great pictures Alli, it was fun reliving the even through your blog post!

    And how confusing was the time zones, and day light savings time! Boy am I messed up this week!

    You’re such a sweetie, glad you stopped in Starbucks too!

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