Street Food Fare.

So where was I?!  Oh that’s right, the Welcome Reception & Street Food Fare!
When we got to the Herbst Pavilion we were given a number so that we could be organized and give our foodie gifts!  I was a 6, which was quite confusing because it was right  next to the 9 table.  These amazing cheese and fruit platters were on every table!
I started off with a glass of Contra vino.
Aside from nibbling on the cheese and fruit platter this was the first bite I had.  It was some kind of cookie?
Once everyone got settled we did some table talking and gift exchanging.  I was lucky enough to receive a gift from Anne of Fannetastic Food!  She gave me homemade oatmeal banana pumpkin cookies, which are delicious! and BLUE UNC hot chocolate!  I’ll definitely be sure to post a picture of that when I try it 🙂  You can check out Anne’s recipe for her delicious cookies.  I might be  making these myself sometime soon!
Then it was time for us to check out the food!
First up to try was vegan paella.
This sandwich was phenomenal.  Definitely in the top 10 favorite things of the weekend.
Tacolicious was delicious!
This dish was pretty interesting.  It was a sushi/taco combination.  Pretty tasty but a little hard to eat!
Pork belly sandwich.
And I finished the night off with some delicious ice cream!
Anddd one of the best parts of the night…
Cupcakes from Mission Minis!
It was an amazing night and I met some great people!  I left feeling really full and headed back to rest up for the next  day!  I’m off to go to the farewell brunch but I’ll update about the rest of my foodie travels soon!

10 thoughts on “Street Food Fare.

  1. Hi Allie! It was so nice meeting you this weekend! What are the odds that I would sit next to a sweet girl going through the same break-up drama as me? It was such a comfort! I wish I stayed for the dinner and the brunch so we could talk more! Let’s keep in touch 🙂

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